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I came to the US from Japan in 2005. As I was adjusting to my new life, I found a catalog with beautiful botanical art. It was for NY Botanical Garden’s adult education program. Ever since I was young, I had loved drawing and painting, but I never had the opportunity to take professional classes. The day after I saw the catalog, I immediately called and signed up for classes. I was so inspired by each class and quickly became immersed in the world of botanical art. After 4 years, I finished all the classes and earned my certificate of botanical art. Since graduating from NYBG, my place for creation has been in Greenwich. 


My pieces are simple and I always try to express the beauty of plants by showcasing their natural shapes and colors. I hope that people can feel the beauty of the air around the plant as well.

I am so lucky to have met a wonderful artist, Lauretta Jones. She is my “Sensei” (teacher in Japanese) from whom I have received the plenty of heartfelt knowledge and guidance that has helped develop my style.


I am a member of the Greenwich Art Society and American Society of Botanical Artists.

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